TrustHab gives property managers the most relevant information about the status of their thermostats and energy consumption, in a user-friendly dashboard. They will be able to easily access data such as:

  • Temperature
  • Mode (heat/cool)
  • Humidity
  • Set new temperature

Along with this, TrustHab provides graphical and analytics reports to monitor these and other variables so that property managers can keep track of changes over time. These can be applied to a single unit, building, or whole property.

These tools can help you:

  • Spot inefficient units, buildings, or properties
  • Identify vacant or unattended units
  • Learn about risks that could lead to property damage

Visibility is the first step toward unlocking the potential of your property.


With TrustHab, property managers benefit from centralized thermostat control on their property, enabling them to directly change settings on any (or all) thermostats with just a click in the web interface. You can take control by:

  • Adjusting temperature settings on any device or across a building or property
  • Setting the mode to heat or cool
  • Creating temperature settings limits

The control that TrustHab offers allows property managers to:

  • Ensure vacant units are set at an efficient temperature
  • Check that the correct mode is in use for the given climate
  • Prevent abuse that could lead to equipment damage
  • Reset thermostats during periods of high vacancy like Spring Break

Take control of your property’s thermostats with TrustHab.


NOI is the magic word in property management, and one of the best ways to increase it is through savings. By both, reducing energy consumption and decreasing man-hour requirements, TrustHab helps you run a more efficient property. TrustHab can increase every-day efficiency by:

  • Keeping temperature settings within reasonable boundaries
  • Ensuring that vacant units are at an efficient setting
  • Alerting staff to HVAC maintenance issues without the need for residents to report them
  • Providing temperature setting history to show to residents, if necessary
  • Reducing the need for staff to physically check units for functioning

TrustHab can also create savings in situations such as:

  • Ensuring that HVAC systems are functioning correctly during extreme weather events (heat waves, freezes) for safety thus preventing property damage
  • Preventing maintenance personnel from abusing the thermostat in vacant apartments
  • Spotting potentials for property damage from extended periods of high heat or humidity

When property managers have the right tools at their disposal, savings become second nature with TrustHab.


Residents want to live somewhere that they feel connects with their values and offers convenience. Millennial and Gen Z residents, care about their impact on the world, but also expect everything to work seamlessly through technology.

Every KWh TrustHab saves, is another bit of goodwill from your residents. Being green is not only good for the environment, but smart business. Your leasing agents will have another arrow in their quiver when talking to prospective residents.

Today’s residents also expect technology. Many of them may already have a smart thermostat at home that allows them to control their temperature settings through an app. TrustHab is bringing that experience to student living through the app and web portal. Students can set their temperature comfort level from bed, or set to a more efficient setting from the classroom.

TrustHab can help your property deliver the modern experience today’s residents expect.



Alerts are generated when one of the configured “Metrics” have crossed a threshold that indicates an issue. These alerts are color coded with red being the most urgent and blue the least urgent.



Every time a device goes offline.


If unit is X degrees above target temp and set to cool, set alert-timer for 15 minutes.


If unit is X degrees below target temp and set to heat, set alert-timer for 15 minutes.


If a Place’s unit runs for more than specified minutes by property.


If a Place’s humidity exceeds a predefined percentage by property.


If the humidity exceeds predefined percentage by property AND temperature exceeds predefined degrees.


Users can manage their ”Zones” (apartments, buildings) in the “Places” module, including thermostat settings (temperature and humidity thresholds).

  • View the status of a unit’s condition through color coded indicators.
  • Save on energy costs by keeping temperatures within reasonable limits you define.
  • Effortlessly ensure devices are performing as configured, as well as making quick adjustments, as necessary.
  • Assign a preset Profile to one or multiple thermostats simultaneously, saving you time and effort.
  • Reset thermostats during periods of high vacancy like “the turn” and Spring Break.


Device registration and configuration is done in the “Devices” module.

  • View the status of active devices, including target and detected temperatures, humidity, climate mode and HVAC functions (heat/cool/idle), all in one dashboard.
  • Information updates in real-time so you can accurately track a device's condition eliminating the need for staff to inspect apartments in person.
  • Track a device’s performance history so you can make informed decisions.

The Profiles module allows users to create, edit and manage Profiles, which are used to set specific device configurations that can apply to one, some, or all units within the installation as well as specify temperature range for one or all thermostats.


Under the Groups section in the Administration module, you can define Groups to allow specific permissions within the Manager Portal. Once a Group is created, you can assign certain Users to a Group and apply that Group’s allowed permissions to the associated User(s).


The Residents module allows users to register, manage and assign their residents to a particular unit. Registering a new user triggers the Activation Email, where the resident will receive an email with a link that allows them to set their password for use in the Resident Portal. Assigning a Resident to a Unit allows that resident to be able to control their assigned device via the Resident Portal.


The Resident Portal is used by residents/tenants that have been assigned to a zone defined in the TrustHab Manager Portal. Here the resident can change their thermostat temperature setting and/or mode (cooling, heating or auto), as well as view analytics regarding their unit’s usage statistics.