How IoT Improves Resident Satisfaction

From smart light bulbs to video doorbells, the wonderful world of IoT brings intelligence and convenience to our modern-day living spaces. But contrary to most resident-focused IoT products on today's market, the TrustHab solution is purpose-built to address the pain points of those that manage living spaces. Despite our solution being designed with property managers in mind, it does also result in increased resident satisfaction. And here's why.

Whether you own your own home, rent an apartment, or live with your parents - your dwelling space is your comfort zone. It's the place you rest, relax and recharge. When any of those luxuries are compromised, it's human nature to become disgruntled. We've become so accustomed to relying on AC units, thermostats, fans, lights, etc. to maximize our comfort at home that when any one of those things ceases to function, we have a difficult time coping.

In the case of student living communities, most tenants spend the majority of their time buried in books, rushing to complete homework assignments, or pulling all-night study sessions to prep for upcoming exams. With scholastic activities at the forefront of their minds, the last thing any student wants to worry about is chasing down a maintenance manager at 11pm after arriving home to find their apartment is a sweltering 85 degrees - even though the thermostat is set to 'cool' at 72 degrees. It doesn't even take a full day for a malfunctioning AC unit to make for humid, muggy and uncomfortable living conditions - especially when said malfunction takes place during the peak of summer (we're located in Florida, so we know all about that). And an uncomfortable environment tends to disrupt the concentration of any focused, hard-working student.

In some cases when maintenance issues are slightly more severe, tenants may even have to temporarily vacate their residence while the repair takes place (think mold, water damage, or even destruction resulting from a fire). Cue the phone call from the angry parent! 

A Facilities IoT Solution empowers property managers with the ability to be alerted the minute a device detects symptoms of an equipment malfunction. This allows them to immediately dispatch the maintenance team to check the problem out before it costs too much time, money and resident unhappiness. This kind of proactive maintenance means that oftentimes the resident doesn't even know a problem has occurred - because Stan the Maintenance Man has already tended to it. And as they say, ignorance is bliss. No tenant displacement necessary, no frustrated emergency calls to the maintenance staff.

While most property managers can agree that much of the problem lies with the issue not being reported in the first place, the reality is you just can't rely on tenants to notify you of maintenance problems. But the good news is, you don't have to! With a proactive Facilities IoT Solution like TrustHab, real-time alerts do the reporting for you.

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By : TrustHab