How to make turn a little less stressful

If you’re like most student housing properties, turn week is probably the most stressful few days of the year for any property manager. What you can do though, is take these 3 easy steps to take a little control back from the chaos and ensure a successful turn.

1- Remove out going resident access to the climate control system.

Using the resident management tools that TrustHab provides, you can move your residents out virtually and ensure that only people who are still currently on the lease have access to the HVAC systems.

2- Lock all vacant units to a set temperature

Worried about your contractors changing the temperature while they’re working and then forgetting to set it back when they leave? This can cost hundreds of dollars across your property over the course of move in week.

Luckily, you can easily create a turn profile, then, assign this profile to all your units.

Only residents who are currently on a lease can control their thermostats through their mobile devices, while contractors and residents whose leases have ended are locked out.

This ensures that your empty units are set at an efficient temperature while your residents still have full control.

3- Set everything back to normal.

Once turn week is done, you simply reverse the process. Add new residents to their units in the system, and then revert all your units to the default profile.

With just a few clicks, your property is back to normal after a successful turn. You’ve saved energy by making sure all your units were set to an efficient temperature, all without disrupting your residents or changing your other turn routines!

By : TrustHab