An ounce of mold prevention

Mold is probably the scariest thing that can happen to a property, after fire. It is not only a hazard to the building but to the health of residents. It can grow undetected for months, threatening multiple units.

We all know that mold needs 2 things to grow: humidity and high temperatures. In the southeast we have plenty of both. Luckily A/C was invented and has for the most part solved this problem.

The question then becomes: how do we make sure the A/C is doing its job and keeping the temperature and humidity at optimum levels?

1- Create a temperature profile

Set temperature limits so that the A/C cannot be set above a certain temperature. This prevents user error in setting an excessively high temperature.

2- Assign profile to units

You’ll want to name and assign this profile. If it is different from one you might use in winter you could call it “summer”.

3- Alerts will let you know if anything is out of the ordinary

One of the most common issues that occurs is a resident leaving a window open and going out of town for a few days. These over stresses the A/C and raises the humidity and temperature of the apartment. If left alone long enough, this can lead to serious issues. Before there was no good way of knowing this, but with TrustHab you can be alerted when something is out of the ordinary.

Preventing mold can be daunting, but by taking these steps you can get a great head start on protecting your property.

By : TrustHab