Smoke Detection

Over 50% of residential building fires are caused by accidents while cooking in the kitchen. For example, forgetting to turn the stove off is an easy, common mistake that, if left unnoticed, could result in irreversible damage to property, monetary loss, and endangerment to the lives of residents.

With installation of TrustHab's Wireless Smoke CO/Audio Sensor, property managers can rest assured that in the event of smoke being detected in any individual residence, they will receive an instant notification and be able to react immediately.


The sensor is installed in a unit and listens to the alarm sounder of a 120V interconnected or battery powered UL listed smoke or CO detector. Once confirmed as an alarm, the unit sends a signal to the TrustHab Manager Portal, which then triggers an Alert.


  • Zwave+ device.
  • Detects Temporal 3 patterns of UL smoke detectors.
  • Detects Temporal 4 patterns of CO detectors.
  • 5-year battery life.
  • Battery: 1 x CR123A Lithium included
  • Dimensions: 3-1/8″ diameter x 1.0″ tall