Stay ahead of the game

It turns out that HVAC systems are just like your car, or any other machine; they function much better with their regularly scheduled maintenance. Did you know that improper or irregular maintenance can reduce energy efficiency by 5% per year? The question is, when is the right time to get the work done? Even when they get the same treatment, some units keep working and some don’t.

In an ideal world, you could see which units are the least efficient, and struggling the most at hitting their target temperature. These would be the first units visited by maintenance staff or HVAC contractors on their rounds, assuring you that the squeaky wheel is in fact getting the grease.

TrustHab sends you efficiency reports based on the data collected from each unit, showing you exactly which ones need attention. By acting on these reports, property managers can improve the efficiency of their HVAC units over time as they start to develop problems.

By : TrustHab