Why Your Student Living Community Needs TrustHab

Have you ever stayed in a hotel room, you leave to go to happy hour down at the bar and when returning an hour later your room is like an arctic cave - the AC blowing in at 64 degrees and you can practically see your own breath. It doesn’t really bother you because it’s not your own home, and hey, you aren’t paying that utility bill! Imagine a similar situation at student living communities: many times a student’s energy bill is paid for by the property management company, so whenever they leave their apartment they definitely aren’t rushing to make sure their thermostat is set accordingly.

So, why is TrustHab targeting student living communities? Why not just target your everyday single-family residences? The answer: because with the student’s utility bills being covered, they have little to no incentive to monitor their energy consumption OR care about the health of the AC unit - leaving the property managers picking up the pieces (expensive pieces, at that) when the HVAC unit goes kaput and needs replacing. Over the course of a year, these expensive maintenance repairs add up, and can be detrimental to your NOI. With that being said, it isn’t any wonder that the majority of property managers we talk to say that finding a solution to help them avoid these expensive repair costs is at the top of their list.

This is where TrustHab comes in.


TrustHab is a Facilities IoT Platform that enables property managers to view multiple thermostats from one centralized dashboard - aka, from the comfort of their office. Realistically, it isn’t efficient for staff to have to go from apartment to apartment to check the status of the HVAC equipment in person. From the TrustHab dashboard, a property manager can easily view the status (on, off, cooling, heating) of every thermostat installed across the building - as well as view the ambient temperature and humidity in each room. Furthermore, if there are tenants that seem to enjoy having their thermostat set to 68 degrees most of the time, staff can set a min/max range that won’t allow the temperature to reach above or below that set range.

So in case you can’t already tell, TrustHab is purpose-built to focus on the needs of the property managers, not the students.

Perhaps the most valuable feature available is a comprehensive alerts system that immediately notifies a property manager if a particular apartment is displaying risky conditions. ‘Risky’ meaning conditions that could lead to an HVAC equipment malfunction – for example, if high humidity is detected. These notifications help to catch maintenance issues BEFORE they arise. After all, you can’t rely on the tenant to report a problem immediately - and the more time that passes without the issue being addressed, the more expensive that repair bill is likely to be! The TrustHab dashboard updates in real-time, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive that notification as soon as it happens. The early bird gets the worm, as they say.

Another cool function is the ability for property managers to control these thermostats remotely. For example, let’s say it’s summer break and 90% of units in the building are vacant - Mr. Property Manager sees on his dashboard that the AC in unit 204 has been left blowing cold air (and with the resident being gone for an extended period of time, it would likely continue blowing cold air until the entire HVAC unit freezes). Luckily the thermostat temperature can be changed remotely, avoiding any equipment malfunctions and potential repair fees that go along with them. It saves time AND money - two things we all want more of!

Unlike other Smart Home products that exist to save money for the resident, TrustHab is purpose-built to help those that manage the property. Another notable difference: TrustHab sells a complete solution, not just a device. We offer 3 different price plans, depending on what suits you best.

If you think TrustHab might be a good fit for your community, be sure to reach out to us via the contact form located on our website. Someone from the team will be in touch to help get you started. www.trusthab.com

By : TrustHab