Your HVAC Could Be Costing You Thousands. These Tricks Will Save You Money

If you're a student housing property owner or manager, one of the main concerns is having equipment failures around the property that will be costly to repair. With winter just around the corner, you'll need to know some of the HVAC problems that may occur and prepare ahead, so you can avoid these types of headaches.



As temperatures decrease and ice accumulates, objects like pipes and coils can freeze over and stop functioning properly. Hydronic systems like hot water heaters and steam radiators can fail as frozen water stops flowing within piping. Sometimes, frozen pipes actually burst because of the pressure buildup. In cases like these, you'll need to turn off the water and have someone arrive promptly to repair the damage.



Have you received complaints about some rooms being much colder than others? Uneven air flow may not always be an HVAC-related problem. Check for cracks or holes around windowsills and doorways. If the problem persists, you'll need to inspect vents and ducts for blockages or debris and clear these areas out.



Some student housings rely on warmth from exterior heat pumps but many fail to defrost. For a heat pump to work correctly, its coils and fan must be clear of frost. Make sure this fixture has automatic defrost settings so it can melt away ice before thick layers form. If this setting is broken, you'll need to manually clear away the frost buildup.



When heaters experience overuse, their filters can get clogged with dust, dirt, and other debris. This blockage usually leads to decreased air flow and, subsequently, reduced warmth in the apartments. To avoid this, you can clear away any obstructions around the filter. If the filter is permanently discolored or bent, replace it with a new one. Finally, look around for any other possible damages to ensure the heater runs smoothly.



Sometimes, the problem lies not in the hardware of the appliance but in the electronics of the thermostat. Try repairing any faulty wiring behind the thermostat and If needed, reinstall a new one and calibrate it to the heater. A new thermostat will control the air temperature and promote energy efficiency.

By deploying TrustHab in your property, managers can view all the thermostats from one centralized dashboard and benefit from a comprehensive alerts system that notifies staff as soon as equipment fails.

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By : TrustHab