Got Multiple Student Housing Units to Manage?

Monitor & control all smart devices across your property from one centralized dashboard.

Reduce costs, simplify staff workflows & increase NOI.
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TrustHab is a facilities IoT Management Solution purpose-built for Student Housing. Centralized control over multiple devices, real-time alerts, analytics, and insightful metrics provide property managers unprecedented visibility. Reduce maintenance staff working over-time, prevent costly repairs and increase NOI.

TrustHab Overview

TrustHab Features



Monitor all devices across an entire community from a centralized dashboard


Track data such as temperature, humidity level and system status within each residence. Stay up-to-date on all device activity.

Real-Time Alerts

Respond to device issues before residents know a problem has occurred

Real-Time Alerts

Notifications alert staff when units present 'risky' conditions, allowing you to immediately address equipment issues before they become a problem.

Reduce Costs

Prolong the life of equipment and avoid costly repairs. Simplify staff workflows

Reduce Costs

Reduce maintenance staff working over-time or having to respond to emergency calls. Observe trends in performance to help with budget planning and expense management.

Data Reporting

View current and historical data including temperature, humidity, device (or equipment) run time

Data Reporting

Analyze data trends over time for optimal unit performance. Keep track of any manual adjustments (thermostat) made by residents.

Monitor Equipment

Stay on top of the status of your equipment & avoid damage, i.e: HVAC unit, flood sensors, etc

Monitor Equipment

Protect your investment! Fluctuations in weather can be a leading cause for equipment malfunctions. Humidity and temperature detection allows for staff to monitor unit performance and take precautionary measures when periods of extreme weather conditions strike.

Manage Multiple Thermostats

From 1 to 1M. Complete control. Improve the efficiency of your property

Manage Multiple Thermostats

Control each device remotely. Grant user permissions to limit resident access. Create custom profiles that allow you to adjust settings for multiple devices at once. Customize alerts. For thermostats, set target temperature min/max ranges for each unit.

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Industry Facts

Multi-unit property owners report attributing up to 50% of their utility costs to heating and cooling.

For every degree below 78ºF (25ºC) your thermostat is set to, you spend up to 8% more in cooling costs.

HVAC Maintenance is expensive. Breakdown repairs cost three times as much as regular maintenance.

Improper or irregular maintenance can reduce energy efficiency by 5% per year.

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Simplify staff workflows by reducing the need to check units in-person.

Improve budget planning and observe trends in performance.

Assist asset management teams on planning for potential capital expenditures.

Improve resident satisfaction by proactively addressing maintenance issues before system malfunctions occur.

Assign a preset Profile to one or multiple devices simultaneously, saving you time and effort.

View the history of any device and equipment runtime in each residence.

View the status of a device through color coded indicators.

Track a devices' performance history so you can make informed decisions.


Cima Group Announces Launch of a New Brand

Cima Group, a global telecommunications and digital solutions provider and integrator, announced today the launch of a new brand called TrustHab, which provides facilities IoT solutions for Student Housing and Multifamily properties. Read More...

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